What is “Mrs. Phenomenal Woman” Contest all about?

“Mrs. Phenomenal Woman”, is Canada’s first ever contest to appreciate, recognize and reward the contemporary women for their Professional & homemaking skills.

Is it another Beauty Pageant?

No, this is not a beauty pageant for sure! Because we at Showman & Resonance believe that womanhood is much more than external beauty.
Also the Contest does not evaluate or judge any woman on her external beauty alone. Appearance alone is not the criterion to judge these ladies for the activities or the event. There are other parameters, too, on which they would be judged.

Where is it happening?

The contests of “Mrs. Phenomenal Woman” will be held in the Greater Toronto Area, majorly covering Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto, North York and near by cities…

What are the major titles in the contest?

  • Category
  • The Title Crown
  • The Subtitles
  • Title
  • Mrs. Phenomenal Woman
  • Best Wife
  • Best Daughter in Law
  • Best Mother
  • Best in Home-keeping
  • Best Holiday Planner
  • Mrs. Kitchen Queen
  • Mrs. Financial Planner
  • Mrs. Popular choice
  • Mrs. Talented
  • Mrs. Beautiful

Why should I be a part of “Mrs. Phenomenal Woman”?

1. If you are a married woman, then here is an opportunity to be seen, heard and applauded by your near and dear ones.
2. The contest gives you a chance to break free from your day-to-day activities to enjoy and explore yourself.
3. It is a great opportunity to show your talents to one and all by being a part of a large gathering and participating in various activities and rounds.
4. You get to meet and mingle with other Phenomenal Women apart from getting to make lifelong friends.
5. You can win exciting prizes!

How can I be a part of “Mrs. Phenomenal Woman”?

Simply fill in the form to be a contestant for “Mrs. Phenomenal Woman.”

How will be the applications scrutinized?

There is a fool proof system in place for short listing the received applications. Out of Total Applications received, all candidates will be short listed on the basis of the following criteria:
1. All the forms have to be duly and legibly filled.
2. Review of Answers to the question asked.
3. Photograph of the Candidate.

What are the different rounds in “Mrs. Phenomenal Woman”?

To judge any human being in a span of a few days is really a tough job. But to ensure transparency, fairness and accuracy, we have different rounds where the contestant’s capability and caliber would be on full display.

In all the rounds the emphasis will be on maximum interaction and involvement of the contestant and the family.

How does the Contest take place?

The whole event is well planned to ensure full participation and involvement of all the candidates along with their families. Each day is going to be a fun filled one with various sub contests going on for choosing various title-holders.
With each passing day, some candidates will get eliminated and for the Grand Finale, the top 25 scorers will compete with each other for the main title “Mrs. Homemaker” and other popular titles respectively.

[A] Preliminary Interview Round
This round consists of an interview session of all the 200 short listed candidates. All shortlisted candidates will be informed over phone & email 2 days prior to the event start date.
A panel of judges would be set up to conduct a preliminary interview session of the short listed candidates. Each candidate will get to spend 5-8 minutes with the judges.

[B] Personal Interaction Round:
Stage two of Day 1 will start o with detailed and elaborate interviews conducted by a panel of judges who will ask the contestants various questions regarding dierent aspects of their life. Questions will not be too personal or intimate, capable judges would ensure that sensibilities of the candidates are not hurt in any ways. The interaction will be a short conversation of 10-12 minutes.

[C] Talent Round: [Contest for Mrs. Talented/Expressive/Beautiful]
The Talent Round will be held alongside the Personal Interaction Round. This round aims to identify any special hobby, art or interest that you have. The talent on display may relate to poetry, painting, singing or dancing, etc.

[D] Interactive Round: [Contest for Mrs. Financial Planner & Best Holiday Planner]
A shrewd budgeter will surely prove to be great Homemaker. And the Financial Planner title goes to the lady who manages her finances judiciously and intelligently. To judge a contestant’s spending, saving patterns in running her home, she would be presented with dierent scenarios. A well thought out solution to the given situation can help her win the prized crown of Mrs. Financial Planner.
On the same lines, Best Holiday Planner will be chosen. Simple questions such as where the contestant would take family to and why can get help determine the winner.

[E] Family Interaction Round: [Contest for Best Wife/ Mother/ Daughter-in-law]
This round will witness full participation of all the family members. A decision regarding a good wife, mother and daughter-in-law cannot be arrived at without an interaction with the whole family. Therefore this round will involve in-camera interviews and talks with all the members of the contestant’s family, which will further ensure the contestant’s berth among the 25 finalists.
Contestants have to invite their family members for the contest and their support will play the major role for this Day of Contest.

[F] Cooking Competition: [Contest for Mrs. Kitchen Queen]
Food makes the world go round. The old saying that the way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach, still holds true. This round will provide the contestants the opportunity to reveal their culinary abilities and skills. Each participant gets to cook a dish or two and our expert panel of judges will decide the winner based on the taste, flavor and the presentation of the dishes.

[G] Interaction Round: [Contest for Best in Home Keeping]
‘A home is known by the woman who keeps it’. Now will be the time for these contestants to show o their sense of color, design and decoration.
Number of Shortlisted participants: 25

The Grand Finale:

This is the big day for which we all have been waiting. This is the day when “Mrs. Phenomenal Woman” would be crowned along with all other title winners.
For the final day, all the contestants will walk the ramp in front of the judges and esteemed invitees. They have to answer simple questions put up by one of the judges. The most talented, elegant woman with the maximum score wins the crown of “Mrs. Phenomenal Woman”.
Apart from the crowning of Mrs. Phenomenal Woman, Mrs. Popular Choice and Mrs. Congeniality will also be crowned on this day.
All the other subtitle winners will also be announced on the grand finale day.
The highlights of the grand finale evening gala will be entertainment capsules and performances by ladies to reinforce their charm and talent.

What are the parameters on which the contestants would be judged?

Different rounds will decide contestant’s scores. Each round is well defined and contestants would be given a particular task to do or a question to answer. Marks will be given for the performances. To judge the contestant’s overall personality, different criteria have been laid down against which contestants will be marked
These are:

  • Appearance
  • Body language
  • Grace
  • Support
  • Values
  • Confidence
  • Aptitude
  • Enthusiasm
  • Involvement
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Attitude
  • Knowledge
  • Honesty
  • Homemaking Talents

The aim is to identify an ideal Homemaker who maintains a perfect balance among her home, her family and her career. An ideal Homemaker is the one who perfects the art of juggling all her responsibilities with equal ease.

Who all are the esteemed judges for the mega event?

The “Mrs. Phenomenal Woman” Contest is all about Womanhood and to felicitate and appreciate them, we have well known achievers as our judges. Our panel of judges will represent different fields such as art, culture, literature, fashion and politics, Eminent personalities from various fields will grace the occasion.

The judges themselves are achievers in their own fields and serve as an inspiration for people like us. And to add spice to the contest, two judges will be appearing and participating as contestants.

What do I achieve by being a part of “Mrs. Phenomenal Woman”?

It’s an event that promises to change and inspire your life forever. “Mrs. Phenomenal Woman” is an event that gives you a chance to mark your presence with a bang. It is a platform that brings out your potential, skills and talent.
The big scale event, its various activities make you aware of your importance, significance to your family, friends and society. “Mrs. Phenomenal Woman” is the platform that aims to help you in exploring yourself by knowing that you are loved and cared for, no matter what.

What are the activities that are going to help enhance my personality?

Different rounds and interactive sessions are going to be monitored by trained experts from the respective fields. You will get valuable, helpful lessons in each and every interactive session. Trained staff will be available to teach you how to walk, pose before the camera. You get valuable inputs as to how to conduct yourself in big gatherings. As a person, you get to realize the right mix of poise, grace and attitude in your behavior while you enjoy life outside your home for a couple of weekends. For each round you would be rehearsing with our experts which would highly add to your personality.
Small sessions on personality development will give you that extra edge over others so that you stand out in a crowd. Stress would be on improving your posture, walk and communication skills. Small but informative tips will help in grooming yourself.
Our talent rounds are specially designed to hone the talents that you have which unfortunately have taken a backseat in day-to-day household chores. Be it dancing or singing or any other art that you possess, we give you a chance to improve upon them and show them to the world.
Each and every round or the day promises to be a learning experience. You will have the time of your life rediscovering yourself way picking up new skills and better traits on the way. So do participate in the “Mrs. Phenomenal Woman” and add more zest & spark to your personality!

What and how do I prepare for the “Mrs. Phenomenal Woman”?

You do not have to worry about the how’s and why’s. We are there to take care of all your worries. A burning desire to prove yourself is all that you need to in “Mrs. Phenomenal Woman”. A good personality, confidence, a belief in yourself will ensure that you enjoy and feel pride in being a part of the show. Take time out to know your family, its’(its) strengths, weaknesses, likes and the dislikes of each and every one member. A brief homework on your family and your loved ones will make the whole thing appear much easier and enjoyable.
For family interactive sessions, prepare well in advance. Sit with your family, friends, to know them better. Questions in these rounds can get you maximum marks as it shows that in the day-to-day hustle and bustle of running a home, you still are in touch with the needs and expectations of your family members.
Talented ladies out there need not take much pain. They already have the talent to attract the right crowd. And practice sessions in singing or dancing provide you the needed confidence to deliver a scintillating performance, collecting applause from everyone present.
So, all you are out there, what are you waiting for? Come be a part of the biggest show that is all set to honor every woman’s homemaking & Professional skills and her unconditional love in nurturing a family. Do come on board and be a part of the celebrations honoring a true Womanhood and express and experience heartfelt love, and respect for all the Ladies who give their all to provide for their families and make those four walls a sweet home, what we all call a sweet home.

Terms & Conditions:
• All decisions of Organizing Committee, Event Presenters, Event Producers or any person associated with said event are final and binding in all regards.
• Organizers reserve the right to alter any process and event details or even event schedules as per their sole discretion.
• Shortlisting and selection of candidates are as per the sole discretion of management.
• Under no circumstances whatsoever can the Mrs. Phenomenal Woman event management group/event presenters/event producers or any person associated with the event, be held liable for any actions that occur knowingly or unknowingly.
• All other terms and conditions as per event contract apply.

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