Announcing Mrs. Phenomenal Woman – Canada Chapter…

The ever Contest to Appreciate, Recognize and Reward the Contemporary Women for their Substantial Roles in our Lives. Idea is to Celebrate and Acknowledge Womanhood.

A Mother, a Wife, a Daughter-in-law, a Professional, a Cook, a Financial Planner and above all a Homemaker; a Woman befits every role bestowed on her with Remarkable Ease and Dexterity.

Indisputably, today’s Homemaker, either Working or Non-Working, are the Ultimate Decision Maker, who not only decides the Home Interiors but also the Itinerary for the Vacations. Purchase of a tiny Sewing Needle or the Brand of Car, everything needs her final nod before becoming a part of the Home!

Who is Eligible ?

'SHE' ...

“She” is a woman of substance, portraying meticulously many roles and managing
judiciously, aspects concerning herself and her members of the family.

'SHE' as a Wife

As a Wife ‘She’ walks not behind but “with” her life companion in all phases of life with poise, prudence, commitment, maturity and strength. She is equally involved in all major decisions of her companion concerning various facets of life.

'SHE' as a Mother

As a Mother she is compassionate, caring, sensitive and supportive to her child’s needs. She is continuously striving to groom her child into a well rounded personality.

daughter in law
'SHE' as a Daughter-in-law

As a Daughter-in-law she shoulders her responsibilities with a judicious mix of respect, love, maturity and sensibility towards her in laws. When other members of the family are busy in outdoor endeavors, she is their main support.

'SHE' as a Buyer

As a Buyer she is the prime financial decision maker exhibiting concern, prudence and awareness in all matters. Truly she is the perfect financial manager casting major influence on the buying behavior of her family.

talented lady
'SHE' as a Talented Lady

Her talent finds shape in a well rounded personality. She can be an accomplished housewife, yet an enchanting performer. Her talent knows no boundaries.

'SHE' as a Cook

As a Cook her flair for cooking combining taste and nutrition satisfies the taste buds of her family. She is a perfect cook. An undisputed kitchen queen

beautiful lady
'SHE' as a Beautiful Lady

She is a beautiful Lady, who reflects her internal beauty with graceful demeanor. She portrays Canadian beauty rooted to values.

'SHE' as a Professional

She is an accomplished housewife, yet a successful Professional.

Announcing Mrs. Phenomenal Woman

Canada’s first ever contest to Appreciate, Recognize and Reward the Contemporary Women for their Homemaking skills.
The simplest way is to go home and say ‘Thank You!’
We have come up with a better way
A way to thank them for every role they portray
A way that will let the whole world see you thank and Crown them for their selfless devotion

A mother, a wife, a daughter-in-law, a boss, a cook, a financial planner and above all a Homemaker,
a woman befits every role bestowed on her with remarkable ease and dexterity.

Mrs. Phenomenal Woman contest in itself is an entity celebrating true womanhood.
It is unlike any other contest as the idea itself is unique and so is going to be its execution.
It is the biggest ever; one of its kind attempts to give women the platform where they get lauded and appreciated for being what they are.
Mrs. Phenomenal Woman is not your run of the mill beauty pageant.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for taking part in Mrs. Phenomenal Woman is as follows-
1. Contestant is eligible to compete in a state pageant in which she or her immediate family, is either a resident, owns property, or is employed in the Canada.
2. Contestant is eligible if she/her husband works in the Canada.
3. Entrant must be married for a minimum period of 6 months by Jan 1st 2020, and must be residing with spouse.
4. Contestant must be at least 21 years of age by Jan 1st 2020.
5. Contestant herself or her family member is a PR, Citizen or entered Canada on Work Permit or Student Visa and have a legal status in Canadamonths of her entry, and attend college or work or own property in California.

Our Esteemed Partners

Canada’s first ever contest to Appreciate, Recognize and Reward the Contemporary Women for their Homemaking skills.

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